Six People You Will Encounter on Your Next Flight

The busy holiday travel season is upon us, and many of us are flying from various corners of the world to others. Here as always to help prepare you for the harsh realities around you, WNV takes a look at the types of people every flight is bound to encounter.

Black Friday

Black Friday has been vilified in the media for the violent, frenzied behavior it induces in the public. Many prominent figures have asked if stores go too far with advertising and deals, creating a "perfect storm" scenario. We at WNV have a very different question to on our minds: do they go far enough?

Thanksgiving Drinks

The holiday season is in full swing here at WNV, and we were hoping to share a little of our spirit with all of you. Spirits, more accurately. Here are a few of our favorite thanksgiving drinks to help you get weird this year.

Meat Alloys and Marketing Ploys

Spam has been an ongoing annoyance since the beginning of telecommunications. Be it via telemarketer, SMS, ad-ware or e-mails, that's not a lot you can do to avoid it. In a heroic recreation of the final scene from Independence Day, Admiral Rau hurls himself headlong into the belly of the beast. I don't have a good feeling about the outcome.

For Fuck's Sake, Twitter: Eh? Edition

Hey guys did you hear about Rob Ford, the crack-smoking, drunk-driving Mayor of Toronto? Well, unfortunately for us all, Twitter definitely has, and as always, they hold only the most interesting of opinions about him and the future of his career.

Asgardian Heroes and Lighting Schemes

I recently sat down to watch the film Thor: The Dark World. Consequently, I now have opinions regarding Thor: The Dark World.

Pope's Memoirs: Red Sox

Some will call me monster for what I've done. Some will call me hero. But none of that matters to me. Not anymore. What's important is that we won. There were certain measures that had to be taken in order for that to happen, and those choices are now mine to live with.

The History of Halloween

Halloween is a tradition that has endured for thousands of years in hundreds of cultures, and that is showing no signs of slowing down. While Christmas is slowly gorging itself on more and more of the year, lets step back and take a look at this spooky, scary custom's extensive history.

Pope's Memoirs: Working With Whitey

In his many years traveling this Earth, Pope has experienced a great deal, and learned even more. In our new series, Pope's Memoirs, he shares some of that immense knowledge with the rest of us. Or he just makes a bunch of shit up. It's really hard to tell sometimes.

WNV: Insider

Today we take a look behind the WNV curtain and see how the metaphorical (and occasionally literal) sausage is made. If you've ever wondered what fanciful adventures of literary and cultural discovery we go on to create content for this website, then buckle up: this one's gonna be underwhelming.

One More Thing: Prologue

WNV takes a new direction today with the launch of our newest series: One More Thing, a long-running and mysterious story written as one chapter per post. Hold onto your butts; things are about to get reeeeal uncomfortable.

For Fuck's Sake, Twitter: E Pluribus Unum Edition

The US Government has been shut down after Congress was unable to reach an agreement on the 2014 federal budget. A number of Twitter users, as always, have some very important and insightful things to say about this. And I have some less than pleasant things to say about them.

Rumor Roundup: Pokémon X and Y

We've got the hot, fresh news on the latest installments in Nintendo's wildly successful Pokémon franchise; read on to get the latest on the highly anticipated game before its October 12th release!

West Nile Virus

Warranty Now Void is an internet vigilante. We are not always the hero you deserve, and honestly? We're almost never the hero you need, either. Today, against our better judgement (and also 3 very sternly worded court orders) we are going to take a hard look at West Nile Virus, or as we've affectionately taken to calling it - wast niel.

Liberal Interpretations of Darwinism

Near my old apartment, there was a comic store that I used to visit for all my low-tech nerding needs. My normal purchases there were generally more towards the Magic cards or D&D end of the spectrum, but recently I stopped in and bought an actual comic book. I do not know how I feel about the experience.

Laptops: Menace to Society

Computers are everywhere these days, and it seems almost everyone has a laptop that they carry around with them. Today, Pope tries to educate these people about the horrific danger into which they are regularly placing themselves and those around them by not understanding the inner workings of these devices.

Douchebag of the Day: Upstairs Neighbors

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, upstairs neighbors gotta be fucking assholes. Our new series Douchebag of the Day, brings to light the worst of the worst. Or, just whoever it was that happened to piss us off today.

Folicular Time Travel

They say that a haircut a day keeps the doctor away, but I would argue that that's entirely too many haircuts and that a psychiatrist should be brought in for a consult. I prefer to maintain a somewhat less frequent schedule of hair maintenance myself, but on those rare occasions that I do visit the local Supercuts I try to make it as interesting as possible.

A Feline Coalition

The cats in my neighborhood have been exhibiting somewhat spooky behavior of late.

For Fuck's Sake, Twitter: Enlightened Edition

In a new WNV series, we delve into the world of Twitter. God help us all. In this installment, it takes about 35 seconds of research to find a surprising number of people who don't seem to think speaking to the Dalai Lama warrants any special considerations on their part. Like grammar. Or not being a prick.