Breaking News

This just in: a local news story that's guaranteed to have an undisclosed effect on the temperature of your heart.

Apply To Affected Areas Only

You know how the one thing you're not supposed to do with cotton swabs is clean your ears? And how the only thing that anybody uses cotton swabs for is to clean their ears? This is like that, but stickier.

It's Kind of a Misleading Name

Sometimes, names are helpful labels. They're ways to quickly summarize and convey what a person, place, or thing is and what it's about. And sometime they're a FUCKING TEASE GODDAMMIT AAAGHHUGRGHH

The Wasps' Nest

Home-ownership brings with it many challenges, especially now that epi-pens are so goddamn expensive.

The Torch Is Passed

Some things just shouldn't be passed from father to son. Here's a short list I just thought up: sexual partners, juggaloism, an enthusiastic love for Guy Fieri, herpes simplex virus...

Media Organization

Google tries its best to provide a functional cloud-based music service. I swear they'd be able to do it if they just stopped taking ayahuasca.

He Knows

Ho ho ho! It's not even close to Christmas, but we just want to remind you that Santa is a real human being who is still forced to exist all year long! Ho ho ho!

Gift Registry

Don't you just hate when you're the last one to look at the gift registry for a wedding and all the good gifts are already taken?

The Dark Ritual

Finding someone in this world can be hard, especially when you have such high standards.

The Highest Standard of Care

We've all had to go to the hospital at one point or another, but I for one sleep better at night knowing there are some true professionals on the job when I need them.

How am I Driving?

We've all been there. Driving behind someone who clearly shouldn't be trusted with the responsibility. What's more rare is getting the opportunity to truly understand this other driver.


In an effort to continue staying "hip" and "with it" we have stumbled upon one of the latest trends taking place in da club. Needless to say, we have canceled all such efforts for the future.


Everyone needs to take a step back once in a while and take an honest look at themselves. Well, not like, too honest. That'd just be weird.

Daddy Doin's

We all came from somewhere, and I think it's time for an open and honest discussion on the topic.

The Creative Process, Part 2

Some may think that coming up with the idea is the hard part, and it's all just gravy from there. Some would be dumb fucking idiots who don't realize what a gold mine they're sitting on.

Jack 'n Stormy Episode 2: Birds

Our heroes meet up to discuss the most pressing matters and their future plans for glory. And... other things.


Sometimes, when I'm out on the trail, I reflect on how nice it is to be "off the grid."

The Creative Process

We get asked where our ideas come from all the time by, like no one ever. But you're going to find out anyway, so suck it up and get your doodlin' pad ready, because, man have we cooked up a good one to share.

Our Most Precious Resource

Everyone knows that children are our future, so this really makes me sort of a time traveler, right?

Ranged Combat

Our friends at Unnatural 20 have allowed us the honor of providing them with a guest comic. So of course we made a dick joke. I mean, have you met us? It was either this or Putin.