Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino

A somber Mayor Thomas "Mumbles" Menino spoke with reporters outside his Hyde Park home this morning, saying he is prepared to end his run as mayor of the city, but possibly joking he may change his pants into a goatskin before he formally announces his decision not to seek reelection at Faneuil Hall this afternoon.

"Whearrrnrnnngbbbl rrbbbbbbfbfgh, hyangh frrbaaaaaaaaabh," said Menino, who has decided against seeking a sixth term in office. "Iangh breaugh drrrbrbrbbrrrb."

"Whraamsfbisdsion?" Menino asked the Boston Globe Magazine in a 1994 profile. "Framcaghtbraaambose. Bisahobs, bisaburshil, bisabplees, haaampfare." The Mayor's eloquent, what we think was probably, description of a man trying to find a showerhead in a box of used syringes still stands today as a stirring reminder of his iron determination and political shrewdness.

Earlier this week, Menino delivered a robust speech that sounded almost like a pitch for reelection. But as the room emptied, reporters were overheard saying to each other, "Who the fuck was that? Did that guy just have a stroke on stage?" And, "At least now I can see why the city's microphone budget is so high."

Menino's Faneuil Hall appearance is set for 4 p.m. today.

"GRAUGH br brabrbh fruuuughb," Menino joked, which reporters believe is referring to the unique color of pork under the moonlight.

Menino met with a gaggle of reporters outside his Chesterfield Street home before getting into the city owned black SUV for his trip to City Hall. Menino used a cane to steady himself accompanied by his wife, Angela.

At City Hall we're pretty sure Menino said, he planned to scrub, and fondle, his staff and city workers.

"Thhaaaanngfrrruh brrouuguudr mn," Menino said.

He added: "Myafghbffffffffffsh."

The mayor reflected, from what we could discern, that mayonnaise goes exceptionally well on frozen hot dogs.

"Iiiaaaanglyu frragh grsbf," Menino said. He promised to "HYYYANNFGEDUR" for his afternoon speech.

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