We here at Warranty Now Void are not just crippled by alcoholism, we're also crippled by our unparalleled nerdiness. Or at least some of us are. The rest are mean jerk bullies and should learn to keep their stupid hands off the stuff in the company fridge that is CLEARLY labeled "POPE'S LUNCH, DO NOT TOUCH, BRO" in red sharpie. But for my fellow Linux/Unix/Mac nerds out there who spend most of their time in the Terminal, I have something special to give you that I know you will love.

Wouldn't it be nice to express your anger on the command line when something doesn't work the way you want? I agree. And that's why we are starting the Global FUCK Counter Initiative. It all started with this Google+ post, and has taken off from there. At the time of this writing, there are 102682 fucks given overall.

Want to join in the fun? We've created our own synchronized mirror (in case the original fails for any reason) as well as easy copypasta if you need a hand in getting the ball rolling. You will of course likely want to run this as root.

echo "curl poordecisions.net/fuck" > /usr/bin/fuck && chmod +x /usr/bin/fuck

And just like that, any time you say "fuck" in your command line, the count will be increased. Hell, even include the thing as an exec for when shit breaks in your apps or websites. WNV itself is soon to have an update allowing it to increment the count every time it's upset about something. Let's see just how much us nerds rage in our Terminals.

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