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To-Do List

Today we take an unprecedented look into Pope's daily life. We see his priorities and how he manages his complex schedule in order to get done the things that most need doing. And pancakes. Lots of pancakes.

Making Friends in Class

Our college days may be well behind us now, but the lessons we learned will be with us forever. Take this one, for example. The best way to handle new friends at an unexpected hour.

Technology Changes Everything

And what's the deal with observational humor? Right?

Shoot Her

In Rau's comic directorial debut, we see the Admiral facing a situation that we all know too well.

Peer Pressure

Pope likes to help out his friends whenever possible with his extensive knowledge of engineering and general home improvements and fixes. Today we see him in action, solving problems with the dignity and grace everyone expects from him.

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving is a time for, well, giving thanks for all the good things we've received in our lives throughout the year. It's also very close to Pope's birthday, and that typically doesn't change much, unless Scott gets involved.

New Pokemon

Scott discusses his opinions of the hundreds, or thousands, or no, wait I'm pretty sure it's fucking billions of new Pokemon that the youngsters are playing with these days. Spoiler alert: they suck and everyone hates them.

Deleted Scenes 2

The Rock (no, not Dwayne) is a classic film starring two classic actors in the roles of their lifetimes. I watch this movie on a bi-weekly basis, or whenever I have an important event coming up, like a job interview. This deleted scene does slightly change the tone of the movie, though.

Deleted Scenes

We recently were watching the special features on our Spider-Man DVD and wanted to share with you all a few important deleted scenes that we think should never have been removed in the first place. They really add to the feel of the film.

Untitled Internet PSA

Warranty Now Void's mission since its inception has been one of informing and educating. We continue our proud tradition today with a comic highlighting the dangers that lurk between the tubes of one of man's mightiest, and sleaziest accomplishments: the Internet.

Halloween 2009

Choosing the appropriate Halloween costume can be a real challenge these days, with all the high quality advice available on the internet. We investigate a common trend in which friends dress up in "themed" costumes that play off each other.

The Most Interesting Asshole in the World

Boy I don't remember these ads being quite this...dark. I'm pretty sure I want to buy Dos Equis even less now. And I never wanted to in the first place.

Hitting on Girls: A How To

Pope is a master of small talk and charm. His interactions with new people are a glorious thing to view, women flock to him, and men emulate him. He is an interpersonal god. Or something.


How will our heroes get out of this bind now? Will the pirates win? Will Boston be decimated for its lack of cream cheese? Today we find out on the thrilling conclusion of the Admiral Rau saga.

Cool in the Face of Danger

The situation has become much less dire, and the bagels have been settled. Everything seems to be going well with our new friend the Admiral.


Demands are made. Lines are drawn. Stances are taken. Bagels are delicious. The thrilling Admiral Rau saga continues.

Boarding Party

In trying times, Pope shows a confidence and command of the situation by offering suggestions to save everyones' asses.

Rau Arrives

Meanwhile, at the Warranty Now Void offices, inexplicably in the John Hancock Tower, a new threat arrives...


Venturing into a dangerous neighborhood unprotected is not only a poor decision, but sometimes also a way to get a great story to tell your friends. Try it some time. WNV patented advice!

A Love Story By Scott

The true measure of a webcomic's success is clearly measured by its ability to recycle content and slap some new text onto it, calling it a brand new comic. We would never do that. I swear.