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He Knows

Ho ho ho! It's not even close to Christmas, but we just want to remind you that Santa is a real human being who is still forced to exist all year long! Ho ho ho!

WNV Cares: Alky the Snowman

Alky the Snowman was a jolly happy soul,
With a handle of Jack and a thirty rack
And severe liver damage.

Let Your Career Choices You Dismay

Every now and then, you run into a group of people so clearly digging themselves just deeper and deeper into a hole that you can't help but let them know. Or maybe that's just us. We are kind of dicks after all.

A Holiday Message

It's the most wonderful season of all, and WNV is delivering a special message written just for you via everyone's favorite spreader of holiday cheer.

2014: A Building Year.

We're back from our holiday hiatus, and we're ready to make 2014 every bit as uncomfortable as we made that last section of 2013!

The Holiday Season

The end of every year comes with an explosive diarrhea of holidays, some holy, some not, but all decidedly chock-full of family joy. Join us on an exploration of this wondrous season and all the excitement and happiness it always brings.

The Night Before Fistmas

For the holiday season, we here at Warranty Now Void humbly submit a short story to get you in the Christmas spirit by stuffing the shit out of your stocking, whether you want it or not.