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Actual World Cup Match or Random Collection of Letters and Colors?

Continuing the grand tradition started by our 2014 Winter Olympics game: Sochi or Fallout?, we bring you our newest game based on the World Cup. Use your deductive skills to decide whether each matchup is between two actual countries or just some bullshit we made up.

WNV Hands On: iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite Betas

It's been more than a full week since Apple announced the newest versions of its phone and tablet OS, iOS 8, and its desktop and laptop OS, OS X 10.10 Yosemite. We've been using the first available betas non-stop since then, and we're here to show you some of the new features that were overlooked in the keynote demos.

The Nintendo Conspiracy

This game, much as Doom taught my generation to become blood-thirsty, merciless killers, is instilling the idea that drugs such as mushrooms help you get through life, thanks to the pusher known only as "Toad".

Press Release: WNV Acquired by Valve

Valve Corporation today announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Warranty Now Void for a total of approximately 1.4 billion. This includes 900 million in GabenBucks and 503.1 Dinosaur-Shaped chicken nuggets.

Sochi or Fallout?

To celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympics, we've started playing a fun new game called "Sochi, or Fallout Wasteland?" The rules are simple, for each scenario, contestants determine if it happened in the post-apocalyptic video game series Fallout, or if it is currently happening in the very real city of Sochi, Russia.

A Different Kind of Wonder

Wonder trade is an interesting social experiment. Generous players try to send out useful or rare Pokemon, while others try to pawn off shitty ones in exchange. Sometimes shirking your responsibilities as a trainer has karmic repercussions though, and there's always gonna be someone out there shirking a little harder than you...

Rumor Roundup: Pokémon X and Y

We've got the hot, fresh news on the latest installments in Nintendo's wildly successful Pokémon franchise; read on to get the latest on the highly anticipated game before its October 12th release!

Grand Theft Auto V: A Cautionary Tale

The Grand Theft Auto series is about many things, but we think we've managed to distill it to its core components in this video. And Rockstar has, as Pope is about to learn, spared no expense on the realism for their latest installment.


The question of whether video game violence causes real violence is a popular one lately, thanks to the all new Grand Theft Auto V. Here at WNV, we try to be fair and give both sides a ch- nah who am I kidding. It's a stupid question.

New Pokemon

Scott discusses his opinions of the hundreds, or thousands, or no, wait I'm pretty sure it's fucking billions of new Pokemon that the youngsters are playing with these days. Spoiler alert: they suck and everyone hates them.


Playing video games can be a rough task. From what I understand, I love nothing more than the shape/taste of penis, my Xbox is riddled with hacks, and my mother has had sex with literally everyone ever.

Super Smash Bros. Misconceptions

In this comic, Scott makes a promise that he has no intention to keep. We are all shocked and surprised. The recycling of comics will continue until further notice.


WNV's analysis of E3 2006, part 2. Remember when Sony released a giant, overpowered, weird looking, new console? Yeah me neither.


E3 2006: a time of great change in the video game world. We will all remember where we were the first time that Miyamoto pulled his Wii out for all of us to play with.


The first guest contribution from friend of WNV Chris Collins brings us the true story of how best to maintain a good relationship with one's girlfriend.


Scott often likes to take out his frustrations about his lack of video gaming skills in comic form. We hope you will oblige him by commenting with great detail on the kinds of things you did with his mother last night, to make sure he feels the true online gaming experience.

Delicious Dots

Join us on a journey back to where it all started, the beginning of the end of sanity on the web, the very first, incredibly low resolution, hand-drawn WNV comic. It's kind of funny, I guess. If you're into wanton murder and theft.