The Holiday Season

The end of every year comes with an explosive diarrhea of holidays, some holy, some not, but all decidedly chock-full of family joy. Join us on an exploration of this wondrous season and all the excitement and happiness it always brings.

Grand Theft Auto V: A Cautionary Tale

The Grand Theft Auto series is about many things, but we think we've managed to distill it to its core components in this video. And Rockstar has, as Pope is about to learn, spared no expense on the realism for their latest installment.

Review: Roller Blades

A brief overview of roller blades as a mode of transportation. As per usual, I'd be lying if I told you we knew the first goddamn thing about this topic. If you feel informed after watching this video, we urge you to seek medical attention; there is most definitely something wrong with your brain-meats.

The United States Government

In light of this past month's events, we've decided to examine our country's leadership. I assure you, we are not in the 14% that approve. In fact, we've already decided that for any elections in the next five or so years, we're going to vote for the write-in candidate: "Punching Congress in the Dick".

Investigating Unsolved Mysteries

Four of the greatest mysteries of all time solved by people who have openly admitted to being pathological liars. But this time is different, we swear. We totally did research and shit. From a thread on Reddit. Yeah, that pretty much constitutes our entire research division. Whatever, this shit seems legit to us, so I don't see why you have to question it.

Circle Jerks

Google+ is a social network bringing some powerful competition to Facebook. It allows you to organize your friends into Circles and lets you decide what circles can see what content. This is our interpretation of that concept. I think we fucked up.

List of Terrifying Things: Volume 1

We've decided to expand on our list of things that are terrifying; these are the first 8 entries. If you do not quake with mortal fear while watching this video, I suggest you have your doctor examine your mortal fear gland, as I suspect it is woefully underproductive. There's a good chance that you may need to take some sort of supplement.

The Large Hadron Collider

Today's topic is the Large Hardon, er, Hadron Collider, a bold choice given that none of us know anything about particle accelerators. To those of you who do, feel free to angrily comment on any mistakes you notice. I assure you that we'll take them super seriously. I'd also like to take this opportunity to apologize in advance to Switzerland for some of the things we said.

Review: The Internet

The Internet. Where better to start than the very reason we can exist? For our very first review, learn about how the the greatest technological invention of our time came into being, and how most people use it for looking at boobies. Also, as a special easter egg, see if you can pick up on what our opinion of Kanye West is. It's pretty subtle, so you'll have to watch closely.