Inside Job

The bond between brothers is a sacred one, developing a closeness that many other people will never know in their lives. Sometimes... it's a little bit too close.

Drowning: A Tale of Survival

In our continuing series on modes of death, our effort to keep you safe and healthy, we bring you an in-depth look at Drowning, the silent killer. Well, silent except for all the screaming and splashing, I guess. If you could keep it down out there, we're trying to write here.

Mysteries Of The Orient

This one's not so much a joke as it is an appeal to whatever shreds of human decency still cling to Pope's psyche. Please stop. There isn't enough bleach in the world for me to ever be clean again; you win, so please... please...

West Nile Virus

Warranty Now Void is an internet vigilante. We are not always the hero you deserve, and honestly? We're almost never the hero you need, either. Today, against our better judgement (and also 3 very sternly worded court orders) we are going to take a hard look at West Nile Virus, or as we've affectionately taken to calling it - wast niel.

List of Terrifying Things: Volume 1

We've decided to expand on our list of things that are terrifying; these are the first 8 entries. If you do not quake with mortal fear while watching this video, I suggest you have your doctor examine your mortal fear gland, as I suspect it is woefully underproductive. There's a good chance that you may need to take some sort of supplement.

Review: Men's Room Stalls

In the interest of full disclosure, a disclaimer: I am pooping right now while writing this. You may think that's gross and go cry or whatever it is little girls like you do when confronted with the harsh realities of bodily functions, but I think it's an absolutely appropriate way to write this review. I mean, I'm sitting in the very thing I'm reviewing.

Deleted Scenes 2

The Rock (no, not Dwayne) is a classic film starring two classic actors in the roles of their lifetimes. I watch this movie on a bi-weekly basis, or whenever I have an important event coming up, like a job interview. This deleted scene does slightly change the tone of the movie, though.

Dance Recital

Living with roommates can sometimes be challenging. This comic attempts to illustrate one of the many frictional moments that can occur when friends live together. My advice: never share a DVD player.

Why Scott Lives With Pope

Today we examine the true motivations for Scott to move all the way to Boston to live with Pope. Is it the bond of friendship? Is it because he's on the run from meth dealers? Is it true love? Only one way to find out. Personally, my money's on the gay thing.


Speaking of making new friends in college, sometimes they turn out to have interesting...eccentricities. Hobbies if you will. Sometimes these hobbies are things like making webcomics, or video games, or being really, really into Powerade. Like, a bunch.


Scrawled on the side of a tombstone: FOR A GOOD TIME CALL, ER JUST DIG STRAIGHT DOWN.

Red Cherry

I don't remember my childhood being permeated by such a salty, metallic taste. But then again my memory has always been a little fuzzy.

Red Drink

And you thought we only started giving you horrific nightmares with Fistmas. In fact, putting to print things that should never be discussed or even thought is one of WNV's oldest skills.