Being a modern and useful website, WNV is made of lots of different bits of code. This page is to acknowledge the amazingly helpful libraries and frameworks we used to build our empire, without which this site would be a steaming pile of non-functionality, and also a place to show off our own creations.

All WNV code is licensed under the DBAD License.

Bug Reports/Enhancement Ideas

Issue tracker:


Our code

All WNV code is available on our GitHub, pull requests and bug reports are more than welcome.

  • WNV Static the site itself, all the Jekyll static site generation and assets, along with a few hyper-specific plugins just for our very special purposes
  • Jekyll Vibrantjs - a Jekyll plugin to generate a set of CSS rules based on colors extracted from a given image. This is what makes our post pages look like they were specifically styled for each individual post
  • Jekyll TwoXify - a Jekyll plugin to automatically generate various @2x image strings so you don’t have to copy paste the same weird string manipulations all over your templates
  • JACKED importer - a weird little tool for generating Jekyll posts from a JACKED Blag database
  • PoopGuy - add a Poop Button to your own website or browser