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Corona Comix


Desperate times call for dipshit measures.

Wedding Night Tips


Well, it's the night after your big day, and we all now what that means, right? Of course we do. We all definitely, completely do. I mean, I know. For sure. Do you? Boy, I just feel sorry for anyone who doesn't know. Gosh that must be embarrassing.

How am I Driving?


We've all been there. Driving behind someone who clearly shouldn't be trusted with the responsibility. What's more rare is getting the opportunity to truly understand this other driver.



We here at Warranty Now Void have been known to occasionally come up with ideas. Sometimes we describe these ideas as "good" or "great" or even "not likely to result in our horrific deaths." Oftentimes, we are wrong.

The Only Realistic Outcome


Carpentry really isn't our forte, and that is especially apparent in this 66% true story about Scawt's recent move to a new apartment.

Safety First


Staying safe while still having fun is a delicate balance that today's comic is an attempt to capture. We hope that this tragedy can serve as a lesson for the future, and our dear readers can avoid such a terrible fate.