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5 Factors Contributing to Climate Change That We Can Stop Right Now

Climate change is real. Science has proven it. And we know exactly how to make a huge difference, right now. We need to kill your mother and launch her into the sun.

Inside Job

The bond between brothers is a sacred one, developing a closeness that many other people will never know in their lives. Sometimes... it's a little bit too close.

#BearFacts: STEEM Edition

STEEM Caffeinated Peanut butter is designed to provide a consistent release of sustained energy to help humans Get Going. But as the label says, it’s not safe for animals, and bears are no exception. Although it would be more accurate to say that Bears with STEEM are not safe for all life on Earth.

Baby Testing

It is time for science to abandon our subpar standard of clinical testing on animals and enter the golden era of testing exclusively on human babies. WNV's own Admiral Rau provides an insightful and compelling argument backed with pure scientific fact, or something.


Ah, March, the most emotionally abusive month. Giving us some distant hope that everything's going to be alright and the sun is coming to save us from the wasteland we've been living in, only to cruelly stomp on all our dreams. Again and again.

#BearFacts: Volume 2

Bears are quickly becoming one of the most important driving forces of the US economy thanks to the proliferation of totally accurate information by WNV's #BearFacts initiative. Not reading more #BearFacts makes you a terrorist.

Drowning: A Tale of Survival

In our continuing series on modes of death, our effort to keep you safe and healthy, we bring you an in-depth look at Drowning, the silent killer. Well, silent except for all the screaming and splashing, I guess. If you could keep it down out there, we're trying to write here.


I've never trusted snapchat, but up until now it was due to my overpowering fear of ghosts.

#BearFacts: Halloween Edition

After the wild success of the US Fish & Wildlife Service’s BearFacts initiative, millions were left demanding more, and Uncle Sam once again came to WNV to inform the public, and we delivered in our typical highly effective and well-researched fashion.

The Only Realistic Outcome

Carpentry really isn't our forte, and that is especially apparent in this 66% true story about Scott's recent move to a new apartment.

West Nile Virus

Warranty Now Void is an internet vigilante. We are not always the hero you deserve, and honestly? We're almost never the hero you need, either. Today, against our better judgement (and also 3 very sternly worded court orders) we are going to take a hard look at West Nile Virus, or as we've affectionately taken to calling it - wast niel.

Laptops: Menace to Society

Computers are everywhere these days, and it seems almost everyone has a laptop that they carry around with them. Today, Pope tries to educate these people about the horrific danger into which they are regularly placing themselves and those around them by not understanding the inner workings of these devices.

#BearFacts: Volume 1

Did you know that bears are the only reptiles that can use swords? Neither did we, until we read this helpful infographic that was definitely produced by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the first part in a continuing series where we take a look at one of nature's most mysterious forces: the majestic bear.


Are you tired? I bet you're tired, aren't you. You know why? Because you didn't sleep enough last night. You know what? Neither did I. But I'm not here bitching about it, unlike some people. Nope, I stayed up late working on this very review, just so you'd have something to read while you're not sleeping.

The Large Hadron Collider

Today's topic is the Large Hardon, er, Hadron Collider, a bold choice given that none of us know anything about particle accelerators. To those of you who do, feel free to angrily comment on any mistakes you notice. I assure you that we'll take them super seriously. I'd also like to take this opportunity to apologize in advance to Switzerland for some of the things we said.

Superpowers, part 2

Our hero awakes to find that his world has changed drastically. Things that were once there are now replaced by a vast blue nothingness, interrupted only by the occasional puffy whi- oh. No, shit. That's just the sky. Someone help him up.

Superpowers, part 1

We join our hero at the beginning of his journey, getting a heroic concussion. It's a much more efficient method than a radioactive spider, that's for sure.

Your Tax Dollars At Work

This isn't a joke, they actually did this. Well, the first part at least. In 2009 NASA crashed a rocket into the Moon in order to kick up dust and look for water. We felt that this was a perfectly legitimate strategy and honestly think it has much wider application.

Black Hole

This comic was published years before the LHC and the inevitable doom it will be bringing to us all became common knowledge. Just think about that for a minute. I think Scott might be an oracle.