The world is falling apart. Things are getting weird, bad, weirdly bad, and badly weird. We simply couldn’t stand by and watch this happen without doing something. And so we brought this website back into existence with the explicit purpose of hurrying that process along.

Warranty Now Void, historically speaking, is a project that was first started as a webcomic in 2006. Then it died. Then, miraculously, it undied. Unfortunately, it was shortly thereafter involved in an implosive MySQL colonic-irrigation-esque procedure that once again laid it to rest. After that it was revived as videos for a while, but that was a lot of work and we hated being confined to just one media format so we kind of murdered it in favor of a more catch-all dumping ground for our psychic excrement in all its many forms. Then we forgot to renew the domain name for a while so, whoops, I guess?

But now, in the year 2019, it’s back again, more expansive than ever. There’s doodles. There’s videos. There’s articles. There’s a button that makes a naked dude walk out and poop on our website. It’s perfect.

For new visitors to the site, introductions may be in order. The WNV family consists primarily of a guy called Pope and another one called Scawt, with a variety of part-time deviants thrown in for flavor (umami, if you’re curious). We recently welcomed R.V. to the team although she’s not entirely sure Scawt is real and finds Pope’s sermons suspicious. We’re more or less based out of Boston, MA, though I realize that statement wrongly suggests that we have a base. To clarify, we do not. We are all gainfully employed, and this site exists as an outlet for what might be seen as socially abhorrent humor were we to loose it from our mouthslings in a place where people could still see our actual faces. WNV does not yet exist in meatspace as a place one can visit and/or raze, but you can always burn us in effigy if you’ve got the itch.

We exist on various social media platforms, despite the fact that we generally find them to be nightmarish at best, so you can hook our content directly into your vein of choice:

The important emails are as follows:

In closing, welcome aboard! We hope that you enjoy your time with us, and while we recognize that a lot of what we say and do is wildly inappropriate, we hope that you’ve the maturity to select what content you can and cannot handle. I can personally guarantee that nothing we produce will make it even 1% of the way to “The Grossest Thing On The Internet,” so take some comfort in that. To help get you acclimated to this new environment, we’ve selected some sample materials for your perusal:

Good luck out there.


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