Annual WNV Investor Conference

Welcome to the 2021 WNV Investor Conference! If you are a current shareholder looking for an update on your investment, please put on your WNV Investory Conference VR Headset now. We promise the reality of swimming in a Scrooge McDuck like money vault that you see there is completely accurate and also we will not be answering any questions at this time. If you are a prospective investor, please have a seat and get ready to join the elite upper crust of shithead society: people with financial interests in website and lifestyle brand Warranty Now Void.

Today we’ll be taking a look back at our most successful recent Q1 in WNV history, highlighting a few points of, let’s tentatively call it “pride” I guess, and sharing our vision for the future with you. Immediately at the end of this presentation, our Investment Advisor (that guy with the shop vac) will guide each of you to the investment opportunity that makes the most sense for you (suck all the money and valuables out of your pockets like a cartoon). You are prohibited from leaving during this time.